Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DiskFaktory Fails to Keep Promises; Earns BBB "F" Rating

(Irvine, CA)  DiskFaktory, located in Irvine, California, has earned an "F" with the Better Business Bureau and continues the same business practices which earned them the poor rating from the beginning.  Independent singer-songwriter Scott Kubala is the latest artist to drop them from his roster of business associates.  "I have been a long-time customer of DiskFaktory", Kubala says.  "But since the apparent depature of Production Director Sean Soto, their product and service has sunk to unacceptable lows."  The artist says, "The scheduled release to radio of my latest project was delayed by about a month when the product received was defective.  The company's promise to stand behind their product and remedy the situation went unresolved when their customer service department refused to even answer repeated contacts.  They essentially took the money and ran",  Kubala says, "There are a host of companies out there that provide the services that DiskFaktory provides.  Unless you enjoy throwing good money after bad, I recommend you choose another company to provide those services."  Kubala's project, "And the Horse You Rode In On", will be available to radio stations in April of 2012.

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