Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rewriting History

    "The Common Ground" website will feature an updated presentation by year's end.  The focus will be looking back and the achievements and great enjoyment of a life experienced through music.  At the same time, we will look back on some of the finest tracks from the previous three albums.  Many of the very best songs are being reproduced for enhanced sound.  A few new songs may also be expected.  It seems a good time to look back at the career accomplishments that have been made, and perhaps necessary, in mapping the path into the future.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Horse" Released To Warm Reception

    My latest project, "And the Horse You Rode In On", is receiving a warm reception from radio programmers in the U.S., as well as internationally.  We're picking stations as we speak.  It's early going, however.  We are expecting to ride this "Horse" for a while!  To date, "Dante's Rhyme" seems to be a favorite (now available on SoundCloud) and we've had "Alligator Road" featured in California.  We'll keep you up to date on this project and the others presently in the works.  And as always, thanks for sticking along with us for this great ride!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DiskFaktory Fails to Keep Promises; Earns BBB "F" Rating

(Irvine, CA)  DiskFaktory, located in Irvine, California, has earned an "F" with the Better Business Bureau and continues the same business practices which earned them the poor rating from the beginning.  Independent singer-songwriter Scott Kubala is the latest artist to drop them from his roster of business associates.  "I have been a long-time customer of DiskFaktory", Kubala says.  "But since the apparent depature of Production Director Sean Soto, their product and service has sunk to unacceptable lows."  The artist says, "The scheduled release to radio of my latest project was delayed by about a month when the product received was defective.  The company's promise to stand behind their product and remedy the situation went unresolved when their customer service department refused to even answer repeated contacts.  They essentially took the money and ran",  Kubala says, "There are a host of companies out there that provide the services that DiskFaktory provides.  Unless you enjoy throwing good money after bad, I recommend you choose another company to provide those services."  Kubala's project, "And the Horse You Rode In On", will be available to radio stations in April of 2012.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reaching Out To Radio

I'm getting nudged a bit by friends who like the songs on "And The Horse You Rode In On", so I will be getting the radio samplers mailed out to stations internationally very soon.  After working on this project for so long, it's nice to step back a bit and listen to the tracks with new ears and an unattached perspective.  I quite like the tracks and am hoping for a favorable response from the stations that have supported my songs in the past.  Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted!

Monday, September 19, 2011


"Can you see that I'm invisible, though I'm standing in plain sight.
Like Claude Rains without his clothes on, like a shadow in the night."~Scott Kubala, "Invisible"

    The video production for the song, "Invisible", will be released on Halloween of 2011.  The song was penned by my wife, Sandy, and myself and has been performed during numerous live shows.  The video will be a bit of a tribute to (very old) drive in movies and, of course, the subject matter itself.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't Let Your Meat Loaf

"Don't let your meat loaf." -DJ Sitze, Flat River Band
    A friend of mine responded with a little slice of wisdom by text in response to some harrassment I was handing out the other day.  I kind of liked what he said, so it has stuck in my head for the time being.  While taking a break in regard to my pursuit of all things music, I have spent much of my time learning a new craft and forging a road into my latest professional venture.  I like to call myself an Antiquities Reclamation Specialist.
    The search for antiquities is one that appeals to me greatly these days.  Such treasures can take us back to a simpler time, where life's outcomes are calculated and known.  I am convinced it is for this reason that so many pursue this avenue.  Yes, the purchase and sale of antiquities can often be lucrative.  But like listening to an old song that brings back the color and flavor of the time in which it was lived, relics from the past carry life's rememberances with them.  Even Henry Ford, American Industrialist,  could not escape the lure of surrounding himself with such discovered treasures.
    And of course, I cannot leave music completely by the wayside during my busiest times.  I have my completed projects waiting for release to radio.  I also am planning an anthology of rescued treasures from the vaults of my own recording projects, as well as some video projects to accompany them. 
    During the difficult times we seem to live in these days, with a struggling economy and polarized political opinions, I feel that success can be found in the boldness to launch new projects and take risks.  No great achievement is ever made by failure to raise the bar when others say it canoot be done.  Of course, risk taking should be based on some meticulous research.  But simply put, don't let your meat loaf.