Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't Let Your Meat Loaf

"Don't let your meat loaf." -DJ Sitze, Flat River Band
    A friend of mine responded with a little slice of wisdom by text in response to some harrassment I was handing out the other day.  I kind of liked what he said, so it has stuck in my head for the time being.  While taking a break in regard to my pursuit of all things music, I have spent much of my time learning a new craft and forging a road into my latest professional venture.  I like to call myself an Antiquities Reclamation Specialist.
    The search for antiquities is one that appeals to me greatly these days.  Such treasures can take us back to a simpler time, where life's outcomes are calculated and known.  I am convinced it is for this reason that so many pursue this avenue.  Yes, the purchase and sale of antiquities can often be lucrative.  But like listening to an old song that brings back the color and flavor of the time in which it was lived, relics from the past carry life's rememberances with them.  Even Henry Ford, American Industrialist,  could not escape the lure of surrounding himself with such discovered treasures.
    And of course, I cannot leave music completely by the wayside during my busiest times.  I have my completed projects waiting for release to radio.  I also am planning an anthology of rescued treasures from the vaults of my own recording projects, as well as some video projects to accompany them. 
    During the difficult times we seem to live in these days, with a struggling economy and polarized political opinions, I feel that success can be found in the boldness to launch new projects and take risks.  No great achievement is ever made by failure to raise the bar when others say it canoot be done.  Of course, risk taking should be based on some meticulous research.  But simply put, don't let your meat loaf.